Communications Desk / Option

  • Two-Way Communication

    Two-Way Communication

    Send and receive text and email messages from the online dashboard in real time.

  • Priority Groups

    Priority Groups

    Fill open shifts using your priority logic to move contacts up or down the list based on response.

The Communications Desk module enables users to easily share shift openings, events, incidents, and general messages via Text Message and/or Email so that no time is wasted during time-sensitive situations. Stay in contact with large groups of people instantly and easily. Monitor real-time messages and responses from a central dashboard. Poll for shift openings or location status. Use pre-configured message templates for speed, reliability and accuracy when seconds count. Send messages to specific departments, groups or subsets of groups as determined by you.

Benefits include:

  • Internal Communications – Communicate with individuals or groups of any size whether they are out in the field or in another location and receive their replies immediately.
  • Incident Response – Poll your first-responders for location and availability.
  • Staffing – Poll your staff for shift availability and other staffing needs.
  • Message Templates – Create pre-determined message templates to save time in communication and response.

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