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The Most Effective Mass Alert System

Mass alert systems have different levels of effectiveness depending on the channels of communication they use. Our mass alert system takes advantage of short content communication channels such as SMS text, Twitter, RSS, and Voice Broadcasts to quickly alert your database to an emergency, and long content communication channels such as email, Facebook and CAP to provide further information in greater depth – and, if required, in a selection of languages.

No Mass Notification App Required

No mass alert system should require users to download a mass notification app. Although apps can have their benefits for locating lost or injured persons, other technologies are equally as effective at geo-locating persons in need of help. Mass notification apps are also exclusive inasmuch as if a user hasn´t downloaded the app, doesn´t have a smartphone, or doesn´t have their smartphone with them, they are excluded from being alerted to an emergency.

Advanced Alert Notification Software

What differentiates our mass alert system from many others on the market is our software´s easy-to-use interface, superior data and contact management capabilities, and vast integration options. Our advanced alert notification software enhances real-time situation awareness, post-incident reporting, and deep analytics to assist safety leaders with planning for future emergency scenarios and how best to manage them.

A Versatile Emergency Text Alert System for Business

In an emergency, businesses have a duty of care to protect employees. Our emergency text alert system for business provides businesses of all sizes with a versatile solution for alerting employees to an emergency by location, role, or other attribute. In this respect, our emergency text alert system helps resolve safety issues with lone workers or off-premises teams who may be exposed to danger, while minimizing disruption throughout the rest of the business.

Why an Employee Notification App is Not as Cost-Effective

An employee notification app is not as effective as a multi-modal mass alert system for the reasons given above in “No Mass Notification App Required”. Furthermore, employee notification apps are expensive to develop and maintain in comparison to an emergency text alert system for business. To find out more about why we consider our app-free, alert notification software to be the most cost-effective on the market, contact us for a quote or to request a free demonstration.