Why an Emergency Text Alert System for Business?

An emergency text alert system for business – as opposed to an alert system using any other channel of communication – is the most effective way to alert employees to an emergency and can facilitate two-way communication during an incident to enhance situational awareness and direct help to where it is needed most.

According to the most recent data available from the Pew Research Center, 95 percent of adults in the U.S. owns a cellphone and/or a smartphone capable of receiving an SMS text. Once you exclude respondents above working age, the percentage increases to almost 97 percent. By comparison, the percentage of the population owning only a smartphone appears to have reached a plateau at 77 percent (or 85 percent once you exclude respondents aged 65 years or older).

What this implies for businesses evaluating emergency alert systems is that an emergency text alert system for business has a broader reach than any other form of electronic communication with the exception of voice broadcasts to mobile – which would share the same breadth of reach, assuming emergency voice alerts are not rejected because they originate from an unknown sender. Further benefits of an emergency text alert system for business also exist.

Enhance Situational Awareness and Direct Help Effectively

An emergency text alert system for business is a two-way channel of communication. Employees can receive alerts and respond with updates incident managers can use to enhance their situational awareness. The volume and value of data that an emergency text alert system for business provides can make the difference between emergency service personnel making right or wrong decisions – potentially saving time and saving lives.

Emergency Alerts

An emergency text alert system for business also enhances an employer´s duty of care by providing employees with a dedicated channel through which they can request help if injured or in risk of danger. These benefit not only applies in scenarios where office buildings are under attack, ablaze with fire, or subject to an environmental hazard, but also in scenarios where lone workers or teams working in isolated locations may be at risk.

Using an Alert System for Non-Emergency Communications

The option to segment databases into groups of employees according to their role, location, or other attribute offers the possibility of using an emergency text alert system for business for non-emergency communications – for example to advise employees of job vacancies, corporate news, or social events. The segmentation of a database does not have to be an administrative task as employees can opt into specific groups using an SMS opt-in facility (i.e. text “vacancies” to 858585).

The opt-in/opt-out facility can also be used by temporary visitors to a workplace or delegates at a conference. Indeed, many businesses now complement their marketing activities at conferences by inviting delegates to opt into an SMS text alert service in order to receive reminders about events, panels, and presentations. According to one SMS marketing software vendor, sales prospects who are sent text marketing messages convert at a 40 percent higher rate.

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