Ideal for Healthcare facilities, Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies, They use Rapid Notify to communicate quickly and easily in any situation, whether it is disaster response, surge planning or managing staff schedules. The Rapid Notify mass notification system can help you quickly and efficiently deliver messages to tens, hundreds, or thousands of recipients. Communicate with any size group in multiple modalities such as text messaging, cell phone, smartphone, email, and voicemail.


Rapid Notify Solutions for Healthcare Industries

Reusable Scenario Alerts

Ability to save an alert template as a reusable scenario alert to save your time. The alerting system allows the operator to reuse the original message in the new alert and tracks all alerts

Internal Communications Desk

The Communications Desk module enables users to easily share shift openings, events, incidents, and general messages via Text Message and/or Email so that no time is wasted during time-sensitive situations. Stay in contact with large groups of people instantly and easily. Monitor real-time messages and responses from a central dashboard.

Self Registration

With unlimited contact lists you can create multiple distribution groups based on your own criteria. The online Self-Registration option enables opt-in/out and keeps contact data up-to-date and privacy compliant.

Universal Messaging (Text, Voice and Email)

We have universal messaging technology with multiple voices, both, male & female. A Single-text message conversion to voice -e-mail & text.
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Comprehensive Reporting

View alert results in real-time via the online dashboard. Detailed reports are downloadable for post-incident analysis and review.


We can customize a payment method and schedule to suit your needs. In addition to our competitive pricing structure, there is NO CHARGE FOR EMERGENCY CALLS.