Inbound Toll Free Number with IVR Capability / Option

Rapid Notify can provide you with a dedicated Inbound Toll-Free Number where callers can hear your latest pre-recorded message. Interactive Voice Response menu selection capability enables you to direct callers to different messages based on your specified criteria.

Benefits include:

  • Free Up Valuable Communication Lines – Help prevent telephone system overload by utilizing your toll free number for general inquiries during emergency situations.
  • Streamline Communications – Keep your citizens, customers, employees, students and any other contacts up-to-date. Callers can check your latest message any time via your toll free phone number.

Rapid Notify Brochure

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More Options

Geographic Mapping (GIS)

Whether you are alerting a single neighborhood or if an city to be evacuated, the Rapid Notify GIS mapping option can help you target your emergency notifications by geographic location.

Communications Desk

A web-based, real-time response accountability tool and internal staff communications module for your organization. Easily share shift openings, events, incidents, and general messages via SMS Text Message and/or Email.

Severe Weather Warnings

Severe Weather Warnings deliver automated and targeted alert notifications via SMS Text message and/or email. Precision-targeted alerts specific to county or state areas are generated moments after being issued by the National Weather Service.

Master/Sub-Account Structure

Rapid Notify offers a unique option to create a Master/Sub-Account relationship with customizable levels of visibility and control. Ideal for schools, universities and organizations with multiple locations.