Master/Sub-Account Structure

Master/Sub-Account Structure

With Master/Sub-Account Structure, User can manage multiple accounts where master accounts have oversight control of contacts and messages for all sub-accounts.

How it works?

Rapid Notify offers a unique option to create a Master/Sub-Account relationship with customizable levels of visibility and control. The Master Account will have “Parent” oversight control of contact lists and alert messages, while giving Sub-Accounts a “Child” level control over their own individual contact lists. “Child” Sub-Account contacts can be contacted separately, or all together. Ideal for schools, universities and organizations with multiple locations.

What are the benefits?

Multiple Level User Roles – Users may be assigned singular, or multiple roles to restrict data access and administrative oversight to the appropriate personnel.

Streamline Communications – Unify all communication channels and devices into a single system to simplify activation, ensure message consistency, and reduce alerting time.

Unlimited Contact Lists – Upload and/or create unlimited distribution lists to manage and filter recipients.

Secure Data – All access is User Name & Passcode protected, and secured by SSL protocols with 128-bit data encryption that ensure secure communications.