Rave Alert and Rapid Notify

Fast, Reliable Mass Notification System


Send unlimited messages in 60+ languages with an easy to use interface accessible from any internet-connected device.


With three clicks, Rave Alert sends multi-modal messages via text, email, voice, IPAWS-OPEN, WebEOC, public address systems, social media, digital signage, Smart911® app and more.


With on-going proactive freshness checks and the ability to sync automatically to your database of record, Rave Alert sends the right message to the right user every time.


With unmatched performance, Rave Alert sends 4,000 SMS messages per second and 1.2 billion notifications a year and is backed by public safety grade infrastructure.

Easy to Use Interface

Send an alert in three clicks to all preferred communication modes.

Our mass notification system gets the right message to the right user at the right time from any internet connected device. Send your message from anywhere to anyone in a matter of seconds.

It only takes three clicks to send alerts in all communication modes. CAP compliant, Rave Alert lets you instantly send alerts via text email, and voice, and send to IPAWS-OPEN, WebEOC, public address systems, social media, digital signage, Smart911® app and more – simultaneously. This ensures your targeted audience receives your messages as soon as possible.


Pre-set templates make it easy for infrequent users to send messages in emergencies.

Unlimited audience segmentation enables targeted, two-way communications for on-going incident management.

Constant improvements are made to the interface through testing and customer feedback to ensure notifications can be sent by any level user in any situation.


“We use Rave Alert because it’s easy to use and effective. During Hurricane Sandy, we relied on Rave Alert to communicate with our campus when we experienced multiple emergencies during the 30 hour campus-wide network outage.”

Unmatched Performance and Reliability

Tested and proven daily — we send 1.2 billion notifications annually at delivery speeds in excess of 4,000 SMS messages per second.

Rave’s public safety grade infrastructure of multiple carriers, carrier networks and aggregators, and geo-redundant data centers, ensures top emergency notification system performance and delivery.

Rave’s communication solutions work for towns, cities and counties, college campuses, and numerous corporations around the United States. We can configure your system to optimally support any access and alert types you need.

Superior Data and Contact Management

Keep your data current and accurate — automatically.

Rave Alert offers automated “set it and forget it” data management with on-going, proactive freshness checks. Our secure data centers ensure that your data stays safe.

For data synchronization across your systems, our Autoloader upload system accepts .CSV files regardless of origin, and web APIs that allow real-time updates of your data within Rave Alert.

Our opt-in web portal – branded to your organization lets recipients choose when and how they want to receive emergency notifications.

Leverage sophisticated reporting for analysis and emergency planning.

Instant and Automatic Weather Notifications

Never miss sending a weather notification.

Instantly and automatically alert recipients based on weather in the area including type of weather, location, and severity.

No manual intervention required because as a FEMA Certified IPAWS Alert Origination Service Provider alerts are triggered by the National Weather Service.

Text Opt-In for Greater Reach

Easily expand access to your alerts.

Rave Alert’s SMS Opt-in feature enables people to easily sign up for alerts by texting a keyword to a short code.

You can use a keyword for multiple events and can have multiple keywords. With optional automatic expiration, the subscription can be set to automatically expire on a specific date or after a specific duration.

When receiving alerts is top of mind, people can easily sign up for timely updates relevant to where they live, work, or go to school.

Geo-Poll and Response

Solicit real-time location and response without an app.

With Rave Alert’s geo-poll feature, you can solicit requested information via simple poll questions via SMS, email and voice calls.

You can collect and organize the answers in reports for easy analysis and action. When needed, you can view a recipient’s location with their answer.

As a result, you do not need to rely on apps or static location data for real-time location of your staff or community members.


“Rave’s emergency notification capabilities improve the quality of emergency response. They help us save lives, protect residents, and keep our first responders safe.”

Rave Alert Benefits

Unlimited Internal Communication

Rave Alert’s unlimited messaging allows organizations to use Rave Alert’s scalable, efficient, and easy to use infrastructure for internal routine communications. You can easily segment into unlimited groups — department, location, or any criteria you choose — for targeted messages.

You can customize Rave Alert interfaces for different administrators limiting tools and options based on their needs. This flexibility allows each department to access the system in the way best suited to them.

Robust Reporting Dashboard

Rave Alert provides real-time updates of alert success. Administrators can always confirm notification delivery. With detailed “by recipient” reports, administrators can view alert content, any responses, success/failure by delivery method and recipient contact, and method-specific information, such as busy calls or answering machines.

The Rave Alert dashboard global reports show overall system use to help strategically improve alert effectiveness across your organization.

Connect With Other Systems

Communicate intelligently with the widest range of technologies to extend the reach of notifications and data synchronization across systems.

Rave Alert is CAP compliant. It allows integration with a wide variety of emergency systems like sirens and the National Weather Service, RSS to update websites and digital signage, and many other integrations. Rave Alert’s batch upload system accepts .CSV files and web APIs for real-time data updates.

Live In-Product Training

Rave Alert includes an in-product training that allows users hands-on practice creating and sending alerts without risk of accidental broadcasts. Most administrators can be trained in under 2 hours. Users with fewer access permissions can be trained in a matter of minutes.

Training directly on Rave Alert’s interface improves users’ confidence, speed, and accuracy during emergencies.

Be Up and Running in Just Days

Rave Alert is a web-based software-as-a-service product. This means there is no hardware or software on premise installation. Working with a dedicated Client Manager, onboarding and implementation can be completed in a matter of days.

Role-Based Access Control

Rave Alert’s interfaces can be customized for different administrators only showing specific tools and options based on their needs. This flexibility allows each of your departments to access the system in the way best suited to them.

Certifications & Awards

SAFETY Act Certified by the Department of Homeland Security

2020 Stevie Award – Gold Winner for Most Innovative Company of the Year – Up to 2,500 Employees

2020 Secure Campus Awards – Rave Alert

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