What is Universal Messaging?

What is Universal Messaging?

Universal Messaging allows content owners to respond to the different needs and desires of each user in terms of how they interact with their contacts A Single message can be converted to to Voice – E-mail – and truncated editable Text.

How it works?

It allows the client to type a message in an email format, and the Rapid Notify system will convert the typed message to a “wave file”, which can be delivered to your alert contacts as a voice message. The message will also create a SMS Text message, which can then be edited as desired to deliver the message in an appropriate text message format (generally limited to 140 characters). In addition, you may listen to samples in a male and female voice and decide which voice you would like to use as your default (changeable).

Our text-to-speech implementation provides the most realistic pronunciation of difficult words, with a realistic tone. We still recommend, as a best practice, that our client use live, recorded voice messages for true emergency alerts. This way you can best create a sense of urgency, using voice inflections, and emphasis, that isn’t possible with text-to-speech technologies

Why use Universal Messaging?

1. Saves lives
2. Save time and money
3. Integrate workflows