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Rapid Notify provides powerful incident management communication tools for electric, nuclear, oil, gas and other utility corporations. Minimize potential property loss, maintain public confidence, and manage your internal response in any type of situation.<

Alert Customers and Staff

From routine service interruptions to emergency staffing, Rapid Notify helps you communicate in less time using fewer resources, allowing you to focus on staff safety, facility security, and customer care.

The advantages of using Rapid Notify as your mass notification service provider include:

  • Geographic Mapping – Rapid Notify offers a precise Geographic Information System (GIS) to help you can pinpoint your audience exactly. Whether it is a surrounding neighborhood or an entire county area, your message will be delivered to your target audience in minutes rather than hours.
  • Multiple Communication Channels – Send messages out via one or more modalities, such as voicemail, email, and SMS Text. With Rapid Notify’s optional In-Bound 800 Number, you can keep callers informed with your latest message.
  • Affordable – We can customize a payment method and schedule to suit your needs. In addition to our competitive pricing structure, there is NO CHARGE FOR EMERGENCY CALLS.
  • Community Registration – With unlimited contact lists you can create multiple distribution groups based on your own criteria. The online Self-Registrationoption enables opt-in/out and keeps contact data up-to-date and privacy compliant.
  • Multi-Location Communication – Large companies with multiple facilities can enable individual locations to send messages while managing the system from a Master Account.

Situational Uses / Brochure

  • Service Interruption
  • Contaminated Water
  • Gas Leak
  • Downed Power Lines
  • Evacuation Notifications
  • Severe Weather Warnings
  • Response Team Polling
  • Scheduled Fire or Emergency Drills

Utilities Industry Brochure

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Rapid Notify has enjoyed working with STP Nuclear Operating Company for more than 18 years. Located in Matagorda County, the STPEGS (South Texas Project Electric Generating Station) is one of the newest and largest nuclear power facilities in the nation.

It is great to be able to watch the alert activation process as it runs to see the immediate successful delivery of our message. We appreciate the extensive reporting capability to keep our files up-to-date with the proper documentation.
Lurinda Barton
Offsite Program Manger, STPEGS